fashion is wearable vibration. caute is hi-fi fashion. broadcast with caute.

      caute is a reminder.

      our logo was originally created and used by baruch spinoza, who sealed his writings with it, to remind his readers of two things. first, to be careful. second, to be careful, twice. this is our interpretation. obviously.

      a wise single thing to be reminded of, coming from such personality who challenged everyone and everything. to be careful while being, living, thinking, speaking, writing, and so on.

      caute is nature.

      unless a mass nudity movement emerges out of nowhere, clothes will be around for a while. it's a need to be clothed, rather than a desire. it's not a need to be clothed with over priced so called eco friendly shit. nature has its own balance. so does caute. nature doesn't care. so doesn't caute.

      caute is nurture.

      instead of capitalist lo-fi subliminal programming, caute uses hi-fi imagery and wordings to provoke those who see, not just look.

      8 ürün

      8 ürün